June 28, 2021

The Most Famous Gamblers in History

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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It's possible to be the most respected figure in arts, politics, or literature with a crystal clear reputation in the daylight. But when the darkness falls, then comes an enterprising alter-ego that chases boredom away. Then, a professional politician suddenly becomes a grade one gambler. Many historical figures have their sleeve up that they can do everything, especially playing casino games to make their wallets fat. Search engine research reveals as a major online casino gaming information platfor m with remarkable famous gamblers.

The Most Famous Gamblers in History

Today, the situation is rampant across the globe with famous personalities playing every new casino game that emerge online. However, this article is an eye-opening revelation about historical personalities who admired gambling without recognizing they're successful gamblers of all time. The list goes as follow:

Claude Monet

Oscar-Claude Monet was an ingenious innovator of French art called Impressionism after one of his outstanding paintings. He didn't know his painting hobby will take him far. However, he became one of the world's famous artists through gambling. Luckily, he won $15,000 in the French lottery that made him quit his job and established his painting career fully. Fans of Oscar-Claude Monet were glad that gambling is the propelling tool that assisted such a genius to be successful in his career.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of the authors that use their personal experience to write stories. One of his thriving novels is titled "The Gambler," which he wrote based on certain experiences. The Russian genius loves gambling even when a literary creation itself had a negative vibe. Yet, this was a source of inspiration to him. Surprisingly, Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote this novel to pay off his gambling debts.

René Descartes

"Minds occupied with greatness are capable of greatest vices and virtues." This is a quote by Descartes talking about himself, and it's a wise thought to live by. René Descartes, being a future ingenious French philosopher, believed that a gambling career can be more successful than military and law school. He went into philosophy, even with gambling at the peak of his mind. And throughout Descartes' life, this adventurous activity lived with him.

Queen Marie-Antoinette

Queen Marie-Antoinette is one of the most charming, mysterious, and controversial women in French history. She was mostly criticized for an infamous phrase which she never actually said, which is, "Let them eat cake." At the same time, she was a gambling addict, a betting act that was taught by her mom. Practically, nobody knew she was a gambling addict, doing it to show the future queen how she earns her money.

Doc Holliday

It is surprising to see John Henry "Doc" Holliday on this list; however, it's worth noting that he was a notorious gambler. Wondering how history caught him as one of the most famous gamblers? Interestingly, Doc started his career as a dentist in Georgia but after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, things turned around for him drastically. Over time, the case became worse, and he was unable to practice dentistry anymore. Then, he started learning poker in saloons in Texas where he spends more time.

Verdict While everyone may not become historical figures, each gambler can still carve out his/her gambling legacies. Visit and learn more about online casino gaming at New Casino Rank and become a gambling legend in history books.

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